Premier: Countrywide Testing Could Be Repeated in Two Weeks

Prime Minister Igor Matovic (stock photo by TASR)

Another round of countrywide testing for coronavirus could be repeated in two weeks, Prime Minister Igor Matovic (OLaNO) said on TA3’s programme ‘V politike’ (In Politics) on Sunday, indicating that the voluntariness of testing hasn’t worked well over this weekend, and pointing out the possibility of a renewed growth in the daily increase of those infected with novel coronavirus.

The premier doesn’t anticipate for the time being that districts would be sealed up or that stricter restrictions on movement during the Christmas holidays would be introduced. He wants to believe in people’s responsibility. He didn’t rule out tightening in the event that the situation gets worse before the holidays.

When asked about the reimbursement of costs to local governments from the first and second rounds of countrywide testing, he stated that the event was organised by the Defence Ministry. “I register this debate a bit from the side, the organisation was entrusted to the Defence Ministry. It’ll be reimbursed by the Finance Ministry on the basis of the data they receive,” he said, adding that a vast majority of mayors have dutifully proved the costs.