President Criticises Last-minute Attempts in House to Alter Constitution

President Zuzana Caputova (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, December 3 (TASR) – President Zuzana Caputova on Thursday criticised last-minute attempts of the governing coalition in Parliament to introduce significant constitutional changes without broader debate.

For example, the main governing party OLANO wants to shorten the term for Constitutional Court judges, while Freedom and Solidarity’s (SaS) Alojz Baranik has come up with an idea to put prosecutors’ offices under parliamentary or government supervision.

“We should have respect towards the fundamental law of the state. During the ongoing parliamentary session, I’ve noticed attempts to make changes in the Constitution that would significantly alter the nature, activities and set-up of constitutional bodies. Such changes should be made after an honest expert and public debate, instead of being made at the last minute,” said Caputova.