Prochazka: Parliament “Detox” Sessions Promises to Cut Red Tape

Siet leader Radoslav Prochazka at an election rally.

Bratislava, February 10 (TASR) – Parliament should hold one special “detoxification” session annually devoted solely to “cleaning” the legal system with respect to duties imposed on employers and self-governing authorities, according to non-parliamentary Siet (Network) party leader Radoslav Prochazka.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, he said that “now is the time when people are being deluged by promises of new measures and new beginnings,” said Prochazka in reference to the upcoming general election (March 5). “However, the most needed thing is to ensure that at least the existing rules are observed. There are many such rules that one can hardly know them.”

The first parliamentary session each year should be dedicated to scrapping useless, unrealistic and contradictory legal norms.

“It’s something like a body detoxification,” said Prochazka, adding that the current legal system represents a labyrinth, especially for entrepreneurs.