Progressive Slovakia to Approach Together Party with Offer for Cooperation

Progressive Slovakia party (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, April 4 (TASR) – Non-parliamentary party, Progressive Slovakia (PS) will approach the Together-Civic Democracy party, led by MP Miroslav Beblavy (Independent), with an offer for election cooperation, PS leader Ivan Stefunko told a news conference on Wednesday.

This should be an agreement in which the two parties commit themselves to the plan that if it becomes clear that one of them will not make it into Parliament independently, they will merge.

“It is a clear signal for voters who are asking us when we will finally do something that unites our country, rather than divides. We’ll send a letter of content to the party as soon as on Thursday (April 5),” said Stefunko. There are several scenarios for cooperation; however, it should be a partner relationship. “It will either be a joint slate or an election coalition,” he said.

According to Stefunko, the events of recent days have triggered processes that are changing the forces of political division. “It’s highly probably that the next general election will not be when Smer-SD expects it to be, but sooner. This is the expectation of voters in the streets,” stated Stefunko, adding that PS does not want to ignore the people’s will.

If the two non-parliamentary parties don’t have a clear chance to make it into Parliament independently, they should choose a joint path. “I believe we are able to offer a strong and credible alternative for people, one able to help the whole country move forward and make people feel again that politicians are there for them rather than vice versa,” said PS’s chief.

In the last public opinion poll carried out by the Focus polling agency, the two parties ended well below the 5-percent threshold required for parties to make it into Parliament. PS gained 1.4 percent of votes and Together 1.1 percent.