Remisova to Propose Suspending Rights of Kolikova’s Faction

For the People chair Veronika Remisova (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, August 30 (TASR) – For the People head Veronika Remisova announced on Monday that she’s set to propose to the party leadership that the group of party members centered around Justice Minister Maria Kolikova should have their rights within the party suspended, claiming that the faction has been plotting action detrimental to For the People with rival parties.

“The group around Kolikova has been demonstrating with its statements for several months that it’s not interested in developing For the People and promoting its values and agenda,” reads Remisova’s statement.

According to the party head, Kolikova’s followers have been holding talks with rival parties behind the backs of the leadership regarding how they could leave For the People but keep the positions that they’ve acquired thanks to their mother party. Remisova, who claimed that this is at odds with the party’s statutes and is damaging For the People, called it a betrayal.

“The vast majority of people in the leadership and the majority of the more than 700 party members is unified and wants to continue carrying out the party’s programme and the promises we made before the general election. They don’t want to deal constantly with attacks stemming from unfulfilled ambitions of a small group that has ignited a conflict within the party for inexplicable reasons, reasons that neither the public nor party members can understand,” stated Remisova.