Robert Fico Is Candidate for Constitutional Court Judge, Was Proposed by Glvac

Smer-SD Chair Robert Fico (stock photo by TASR)
Bratislava, January 7 (TASR) – Chairman of the senior governing Smer-SD party Robert Fico is a candidate to become a Constitutional Court judge, TASR was told on Monday by Parliamentary Vice-chair Martin Glvac (Smer-SD), who personally submitted the bid to Parliament’s filing office.

According to Glvac, Fico’s experience qualifies him for the post of constitutional judge and he can also imagine him in the post of Constitutional Court chair. “I can’t imagine anyone who could surpass him,” said Glvac
Opposition Ordinary People (OLaNO) caucus head Veronika Remisova criticises the nomination. “Robert Fico’s effort to apply for the post of judge at the Constitutional Court is evidence that he has lost all scruples and sound judgement. The Constitutional Court is one of the most important institutions in the state, and it would be unfortunate for Slovakia, if the Constitutional Court becomes a stretched out hand of political parties,” said Remisova, adding that Slovakia is not reliant on Fico-type candidates. “The candidates involve people who fulfil the preconditions for constitutional judges,” she added.
MPs are set to elect candidates for the court’s judges at its next session scheduled to begin on January 29. The deadline for submitting the bids is January 7.
The term of office for nine out of the 13 Constitutional Court judges is due to expire in February. Parliament should elect 18 candidates and propose them to the president, who should subsequently appoint nine of them.