Seliga: Main Job of Gov’t Is to Change Election of Prosecutor-General

An "OccupyGP" protest in front of the Prosecutor General's Office in Bratislava a few years ago. (Stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, April 22 (TASR) – If the new government, now in office for a month, doesn’t succeed with anything else than changing the way of how prosecutor-general is elected, it will have nevertheless accomplished its fundamental mission, said Parliamentary Vice-chairman Juraj Seliga (For the People) during a debate in the House on the Government Manifesto on Wednesday.

According to Seliga, judiciary is the “showcase” of the Government Manifesto, with its determination to fight against corruption and organised crime, and “enormous effort” to make the state trustworthy again.

“Prime Minister Igor Matovic (OLaNO), Justice Minister Maria Kolikova (For the People) and other members of the government will draw up such a change that will allow us to see a person in the post of prosecutor-general who’ll fight against the mafias, cronyism and corruption,” said Seliga.

Opposition Smer-SD MP Erik Tomas reacted by stating that he believes that the new prosecutor-general will also treat fairly Seliga’s party boss Andrej Kiska, a former president of Slovakia (2014-19), “who’s suspected of serious crimes”. Tomas was referring to accusations against Kiska of tax evasion during his presidential campaign and purchase of land plots from figures who essentially stole them from their lawful owners.