Siet, OLaNO and SaS Join I’m Rattling for Change Initiative

Pavel Sibyla, the executive director of Let's Stop Corruption Foundation

Bratislava, January 29 (TASR) – A trio of political parties – Siet (Network), Ordinary People (OLaNO) and Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) – has committed itself to promoting anti-corruption measures called ‘I’m Rattling for Change’ [an allusion to the rattling of keys during the Velvet Revolution – ed. note].

The initiative was conceived by organisations SGI Institute, VIA IURIS, the Pontis Foundation and the Let’s Stop Corruption Foundation. The non-parliamentary Siet party signed a public commitment to promote the initiative’s proposals on Thursday (January 28), with OLaNO slated to do so later on Friday and SaS on Monday (February 1).
All relevant political parties due to contest the March 2016 general election have been approached by the I’m Rattling for Change initiative, which aims to usher in the depoliticising of the police, to bring full independence for prosecutors, to put pressure for increasing the responsibility of judges, to streamline the operations of the Supreme Audit Office and to expose letterbox companies.
“We’ve subscribed to commitments in the I’m Rattling for Change initiative out of the belief that it’s important to fulfil them and that they’re achievable. We believe in the public’s right to supervise power, and we harbour the conviction that public control also leads to a strong preventive effect,” said Siet leader Radoslav Prochazka.
Let’s Stop Corruption Foundation director Pavel Sibyla said that with every new political party comes voter expectations of a new political culture and workable solutions to problems. “We don’t know yet whether the Siet party will meet these expectations, but the signature of its chairman on an agreement committing Siet actively to promoting expert proposals of the I’m Rattling for Change initiative, sends out a signal that the party has this ambition,” added Sibyla.