Sipos: OLANO Caucus to Discuss Replacement At Helm of House Defence Committee

OLANO caucus chair Michal Sipos (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, July 29 (TASR) – The OLANO caucus will launch talks on appointing a new chair of the House Defence and Security Committee, after incumbent chair Juraj Krupa left the OLANO party to join the SaS, OLANO caucus chair Michal Sipos told TASR on Friday.

“The certainties of an electable spot on the slate of the competitor party are enough to bend the character of many. Let everyone make their own opinion on the behaviour of Juraj Krupa,” stated Sipos.

Krupa hasn’t yet made any statement on his future in the post of the Defence and Security Committee chair. “Everything’s possible. I’m not glued to any seat. We’ll discuss this issue within the SaS caucus,” he claimed.

Krupa announced his joining of the SaS caucus earlier in the day. The MP said that he left the OLaNO caucus due to value shifts within OLaNO and the party’s inclination towards ultra-conservatism.