Smer MPs Podmanicky & Kery Push for Bill to Close Shops on Sundays

A notice reading "Closed!!!", labelled on a window of a fashion shop in Slovakia. (Photo by TASR)

Bratislava, May 14 (TASR) – Opposition Smer-SD MPs Jan Podmanicky and Marian Kery on Thursday announced that they’ll soon approach governing coalition law-makers to gain support for a bill to ban sales in shops on Sundays.

If governing MPs refuse to join the initiative, the two Smer figures want to go ahead with the bill on their own.

Pointing to the wash-out of Ombudswoman Maria Patakyova’s annual report, labelled by conservative MPs as too pro-LGBTI, in Parliament earlier in the day, Podmanicky noted that conservative legislators have demonstrated that they’re able to join forces when principles are at stake.

Along with People’s Party Our Slovakia (LSNS) MP Tomas Taraba, the two Smer MPs also announced an initiative to set up in Parliament a ‘platform of politics based on values’ and invited conservative MPs from governing parties OLaNO and We Are Family to join it.

Meanwhile, OLaNO caucus vice-chairman Richard Vasecka, also on behalf of his fellows, turned down the invitation, stating that they’ll be “pursuing the Government Manifesto, which clearly stipulates protection of life and strong support for the family”.