SMK Prefers Rightist Government, But Would Hold Talks with Smer-SD

SMK leader Berenyi on Post-Election Cooperation (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, February 17 (TASR) – The Hungarian Community Party (SMK) would prefer a rightist government, says ‘no’ to Smer-SD, but doesn’t rule out potential post-election negotiations with Smer, either, SMK leader Jozsef Berenyi told TASR on Wednesday.

“There is a need to go into negotiations, but the question is whether they’ll invite us to them at all. We aren’t in first place on Robert Fico’s phone book. Other parties are ahead of us there, such as the Slovak National Party (SNS), Most-Hid, Siet (Network) and the Christian Democratic Movement (KDH), and maybe then it will be our turn. Anyway, if someone wins the election and invites us to talks, we naturally won’t reject this. It would be uncivilised and rude,” said Berenyi, adding that an agreement on a joint agenda is out of question.

Berenyi conceded the possibility of cooperation with Most-Hid, with which it’s fighting for votes from ethnic Hungarians in southern Slovakia. “Yes, that cannot be ruled out. The Opposition must cooperate within parliament, and if there is an opportunity to form a rightist coalition, nobody can be excluded,” he said.

In connection with a rightist government Berenyi said that talks were recently held by the European People’s Party (EPP) in Bratislava, and the EPP leaders made a request. “If we fail to do so before the election, we should try to form a coalition from the current Opposition parties at least afterwards,” said Berenyi.