State Electoral Commission Releases Official VUC Election Results

Regional election 2017, photo by TASR

Bratislava, November 5 (TASR) – The State Electoral Commission has confirmed the results of the Saturday (November 4) election to the Higher Territorial Units (VUCs) with official figures released on Sunday.

Hence, the Slovak regional governors officially are Juraj Droba (Bratislava region, 20.42 percent of votes), Jozef Viskupic (Trnava region, 42.90 percent), Jaroslav Baska (Trencin region, 49.98 percent), Milan Belica (Nitra region, 34.10 percent), Erika Jurinova (Zilina region, 43.67 percent), Jan Lunter (Banska Bystrica region, 48.53 percent), Milan Majersky (Presov region, 40.36 percent) and Rastislav Trnka (Kosice region, 37.8 percent). The overall voter turnout stood at 29.95 percent.

The police have registered a total of 73 complaints lodged throughout the course of the election, 19 of which concern potential election corruption, according to Police Corps Vice-president Lubomir Abel.