Sulik: We’ve Turned Fight against Virus into Fetish, This Madness Must End

SaS leader Richard Sulik with the party logo in the background (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, April 8 (TASR) – Economy Minister Richard Sulik (SaS) has criticised the Government on his Facebook account for the measures that have been introduced to prevent the spread of coronavirus, stating that the fight has turned into a fetish and that this “madness” has to end.

“We don’t ruin our economy because of 800 flu casualties every year, but we do because of 500 infected people with coronavirus. Traffic jams several kilometres long are forming across Slovakia on usually half-empty highways. We shut down tens of thousands of small businesses, and the Government isn’t in a condition to contribute even towards their rent,” stated Sulik, explaining that hours of arguing at Government sessions have been unable to prevent this. “This is madness, and it must come to an end. Unfortunately, I can’t reach the premier by phone,” he added.

Prime Minister Igor Matovic (OLaNO) has reacted by saying that some members of the coalition are playing their own selfish games, while at the same time he stressed the gravity of the situation. “I don’t like it when coalition team players, who you expect to cover your back, play their own selfish games. At this moment it’s highly irresponsible to show an inability to support anything unpopular adopted for the public interest and to post products of one’s own mind on FB,” said Matovic.