Politicians Condemn Fight between Matovic and Kalinak

Politicians Condemn Fight between Matovic and Kalinak
OLaNO leader Igor Matovic (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, September 13 (TASR) - Several politicians have condemned the skirmish that took place between OLaNO leader Igor Matovic and ex-interior minister Robert Kalinak that at a Smer-SD party press conference on Wednesday, noting that such behaviour has no place in politics and sets a bad example for the public.

"We [We Are Family] absolutely distance ourselves from such conduct," said party leader Boris Kollár, lambasting the division of society and chaos that such behaviour causes. In his opinion, Slovak politics should not involve punch-ups in front of the public.

Meanwhile, ex-premier and election leader of the Blues, Most-Hid (MM) party Mikulas Dzurinda called the conflict "embarrasing, humiliating but also extremely dangerous". "What happened has nothing to do with migration, it's about division as a method of political struggle in the run up to the election," he stated.

"This is exactly what it's not supposed to look like. Targeted provocation, profanities, kicks and punches to the face. A fight between former prime minister Matovic and former interior minister Kalinak. They've dragged Slovak politics to a new low," said Progressive Slovakia leader Michal Simecka.

At the same time, Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) MP Jana Bitto Ciganikova said that it's a shame that Matovic didn't put up such a fight for justice when certain OLaNO MPs didn't give their consent to have Smer leader Robert Fico remanded in custody by the police in a vote in 2022 and when they didn't vote in favour of an amendment to Section 363 of the Penal Code. "There was no election campaign then," she noted.

"Anyone who supports Matovic after this will vote in favour of continuing this hell with all its implications for the lives of Slovak people," remarked Voice-SD leader Peter Pellegrini. In his opinion, a political spectacle mustn't be answered with violence deepening the division within society.

Earlier in the day, Matovic gatecrashed Smer's press conference concerning irregular migration. Pulling up in a car with loudspeakers, he stated into the microphone that it was Smer that originally approved the issuing of certificates to migrants that the party is now lambasting. A skirmish between Matovic, still inside the car, ex-interior minister Robert Kalinak and one other Smer representative ensued, but it was broken up by the municipal police.