Heger and Timmermans Discuss Green Investments from Recovery Plan

Heger and Timmermans Discuss Green Investments from Recovery Plan

Bratislava, February 4 (TASR) – Green investments from the recovery plan, reforms as well as the inclusion of nuclear energy and gas among temporary sustainable resources were high on the agenda of the meeting between Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OLaNO) and European Commission Vice-president for European Green Deal Frans Timmermans on Friday.

Heger praised the fact that the EC has included nuclear energy and gas among temporarily sustainable sources this week. “When discussing this topic, we also said that it’s important to take into account the starting positions of individual countries within the EU. Slovakia has its energy mix based largely on nuclear power plants,” the prime minister told a joint press conference.

The premier presented Timmermans with Slovakia’s recovery plan, which he said is largely a road map to a greener Slovakia. “We talked about the green investments to be implemented from the recovery plan but also about the need for quality education on climate change,” added Heger.

Timmermans appreciated the quality of cooperation with the Government Office. He pointed to the need for renovation of houses in Slovakia leading to lower energy prices. He also noted that Slovakia is a highly industrialised country and should ensure reduction in the need for resources from other countries.

The EC Executive Vice-President stressed that the European Green Deal hasn’t caused the current increase in prices; the price shock is the result of the rapid growth associated with the pandemic when consumption grew very rapidly but production did not manage to react in the same way. It can also be related to geopolitical issues.

“It is not true that the Green Deal has caused such a rise in prices,” said Timmermans, admitting that it could have contributed a bit, but this was a very small part of all the reasons that led to rising prices.

Heger noted that when the Green Deal was being prepared, no one expected COVID-19 to come. He stated that after the pandemic crisis, an economic crisis was expected to follow. According to him, this is a natural effect that occurs after crises. “It’s a shock we need to deal with, but it’ll be short-term. I don’t think it will have any effect on those long-term goals,” said the premier.

The European Green Deal brings about a set of policies and measures in the areas of climate change, energy, the circular economy, the preservation and restoration of ecosystems and biodiversity, food self-sufficiency and smart mobility, which will affect almost every sector.