Premier Hopes that Snap General Election Won't Take Place

Premier Hopes that Snap General Election Won't Take Place

Bratislava, September 16 (TASR) – Speaking on TV Joj’s talk show ‘Na hrane’ (On the Edge) on Thursday (September 15) evening, Premier Eduard Heger (OLaNO) said that he hopes a snap general election won’t take place.

Heger pointed to several reforms that his Government has managed to implement. These include, for example, reforms in the field of education, health care and the judiciary. He also drew attention to investments set to be directed at Slovakia from the recovery plan.

According to the premier, Slovakia finds itself in a time when people need to be united, as was the case during the pandemic. He reaffirmed that the Government is a minority one and rejected ruling with fascists. He believes that Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) leader Richard Sulik will keep his promise and that the House session will be opened next week. “We didn’t break up with SaS on bad terms, we didn’t drive it out,” stated Heger, adding that it was SaS that decided to quit. Anyway, he views it as absurd that it quit right at the moment when Slovakia is troubled by the energy crisis.

“People don’t need to see what status a politician has written. They need to know what this Government has done for them,” stated the premier, adding that, for example, employees of the health-care and education sectors should see salary hikes during its term in office.

Heger considers himself to be a strong leader and thinks that he can even handle Finance Minister and OLaNO leader Igor Matovic. He said that since he assumed the prime ministerial post, he’s had to listen to statements such as he is “Matovic’s puppet” or that the Government wouldn’t be able to push through reforms of universities, the judiciary or national parks.

The premier is satisfied with new Economy Minister Karel Hirman. He has no doubts about new Justice Minister Viliam Karas, either. According to him, Karas is an expert who has come well-prepared to the Justice Ministry. He declined to specify who might be the new education minister.

Heger also commented on energy prices and inflation. “Electricity prices for households in Slovakia have been capped until the end of the year. Concerning electricity, people still pay the same charges as they did in 2021 and significantly less than in neighbouring countries,” he said, adding the plan is to present other measures to help people soon.