Premier: My Priority Is to Maintain Stability of Governing Coalition

Premier: My Priority Is to Maintain Stability of Governing Coalition

Bratislava, June 24 (TASR) – I won’t call on Parliamentary Chair Boris Kollar (We Are Family) to resign in connection with suspected plagiarism of his diploma thesis, Prime Minister Igor Matovic (OLaNO) told a press briefing on Wednesday, adding that the priority for him is the functioning of the current Government.

The premier justified his action by saying that he doesn’t want to risk the fall of the Government and the return of the “mafia” to the helm of the state. “I want to fulfil what I promised to people, namely to cleanse Slovakia of the mafia. Given this responsibility, I won’t do anything that would endanger the stability of this coalition,” emphasised Matovic.

“If I was to put on the scales a diploma thesis and the stability of the governing coalition, it will certainly be my priority to maintain the governing coalition,” he reiterated, pointing out that his decision is also determined by the situation in Slovakia after the previous rule of Smer-SD and the novel coronavirus outbreak.

According to him, the head of Parliament is sufficiently legally competent to infer responsibility in the situation.

The premier also admitted that he takes the case as a “kick in the ass of the whole Government”. According to him, however, this documents the importance of making a qualitative restructuring of higher education. “By that I mean that we’ll without shame revoke half of the universities, the artificially created schools in Skalica or Sladkovicovo [both Trnava region] and similar delusions that distort the system,” stressed Matovic.