President Caputova Receives Second Jab against COVID-19

President Caputova Receives Second Jab against COVID-19

Bratislava, January 21 (TASR) – President Zuzana Caputova was vaccinated with the second dose of the vaccine against COVID-19 this week, Caputova’s spokesman Martin Strizinec has confirmed for TASR.

“Apart from fatigue and muscle pain, which she was warned about in advance, the president didn’t experience any other side effects or complications,” said Strizinec.

The head of state was given the first jab against COVID-19 at Bratislava University Hospital on December 27. At that time she said that the vaccine is the best way to get out of the difficult situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Infectious disease expert Vladimir Krcmery has also received the second jab against COVID-19 after receiving the first one on December 26 as the first person to be vaccinated against the disease in Slovakia. Members of the expert consilium and some Cabinet ministers have been given the second jab as well.

“A total of 582 persons had received the second jab against coronavirus by January 18. Vaccination with the second dose has been shifted slightly and will be carried out no earlier than on the 28th day after receiving the first jab,” said the Health Ministry.