President: Corruption Global Problem Just As Climate Change

President: Corruption Global Problem Just As Climate Change

Washington/Bratislava, December 9 (TASR) – Corruption is a global phenomenon and affects everyone as much as climate change, Slovak President Zuzana Caputova said on Thursday at a virtual discussion within the panel dedicated to the prevention and fight against corruption as part of the Summit for Democracy (S4D) held under the auspices of US President Joe Biden.

“We know that corruption is never a local problem. It affects us all as much as the climate crisis. We must therefore cooperate globally, because corruption knows no borders,” said the Slovak head of state.

At the beginning of the panel, she stated that she was honoured to represent Slovakia at this global virtual event organised by Biden’s administration.

According to Caputova, when it comes to fighting corruption, it’s important that bodies and institutions fighting this phenomenon are run by trustworthy people. “The most important lesson in the fight against corruption is that it isn’t just about the quantity of our legal frameworks or institutions. It’s also about people with personal integrity who run law enforcement bodies,” she said, adding that Slovakia suffered from “legislative and institutional optimism” in the fight against corruption.

“We thought that if we had the necessary institutions and legal regulations, it would be enough, but that is not true. The institutions must be run by trustworthy people,” she said.