President Receives Commanders of Slovak Armed Forces

President Receives Commanders of Slovak Armed Forces

Bratislava, August 27 (TASR) – President Zuzana Caputova received 11 commanders of the Slovak armed forces at the Presidential Palace on Tuesday.

The head of state and commander in chief of the Slovak armed forces stated that she’s been interested in the condition of Slovakia’s defences since she assumed her post, and she admitted that “not everything is ideal”. According to information available to her, despite the modernisation process, soldiers don’t have everything they need for their service and everyday roles. “I’ve also familiarised myself with NATO’s assessment that we still lag behind in meeting our commitments, although I know that the situation has partly improved,” she said in her speech to the commanders.

Caputova noted that she’s concerned about the state of some areas. “We have modernisation plans that we’re having problems in meeting, and there is criticism concerning their feasibility and transparency. “And the voice of military professionals is heard very little, if at all,” she stated.

Therefore, the president wanted the commanders to tell her about soldiers’ equipment, their training opportunities and how attractive military professions are at the moment.

Chief-of-General-Staff of the Slovak Armed Forces Daniel Zmeko thanked Caputova on behalf of the commanders for the opportunity to meet her personally. He promised to provide “correct information that will describe the condition of Slovakia’s armed forces in a fair, true and impartial manner”.