President: Slovakia Not Endangered by Immediate Risk of Military Conflict

President: Slovakia Not Endangered by Immediate Risk of Military Conflict

Bratislava, March 4 (TASR) – Slovakia is not threatened by an imminent risk of a military conflict, President Zuzana Caputova assured on Friday in her address on the situation in Ukraine, calling on people to stay calm.

Caputova pointed out that Slovakia’s sovereignty is protected by the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO). “There is no reason to panic. Let us remain calm and prudent. Our response to the present is that we can continue to lead normal lives and, as before, show solidarity and provide assistance to suffering Ukrainians,” said the head of state.

Caputova understands the fears and insecurities of the people. However, she points out that Slovakia is protected by NATO allies. “We’re part of collective security and our sovereignty is protected by 30 powerful countries of the world – our allies from the Alliance. The defence force of this community of democracies makes Slovakia a safe place,” she stressed.

The president praised the unification of the international community. “As many as 141 states from the United Nations have condemned Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and are calling for an immediate withdrawal of the Russian troops. The International Criminal Court in The Hague will start dealing with war crimes against Ukrainians on the basis of submissions from 39 countries – including Slovakia,” she noted.

The head of state also pointed to economic sanctions against Russia which she said weaken the Russian regime’s ability to wage war. “To a certain extent, we’ll feel their effects but it’ll be our price for freedom. Still smaller than the lives that the Ukrainians themselves give for freedom,” she added.