President Warned of Russian Propaganda, Praised Unification of Majority of World

President Warned of Russian Propaganda, Praised Unification of Majority of World

Bratislava, February 24 (TASR) – The situation in Ukraine also concerns us, President Zuzana Caputova pointed out in an extraordinary speech on public-service broadcaster RTVS on Thursday in connection with the launch of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine.

The head of state praised the fact that most countries in the world but also the Slovak political representation agreed to condemn the Russian aggression. She also drew attention to strong Russian propaganda, which also operates in Slovakia.

“If Russia takes control of Ukraine, we’ll have a new neighbour outside our country that is showing the world that it won’t stop at anything, not even invading another country. At the moment, more than ever, we’ll be protected by the fact that we’re part of a community where attacking one state would be an attack on all our allies,” said the president, adding that this makes us strong.

Caputova sees a strong benefit of the current situation in the unification of a majority of the world. “So far, there is no statement from any country in the world approving of the Russian attack on Ukraine. No country in the world. The Russian political leadership remains quite deservedly alone. We’ve united around the world condemning Russia’s aggression and solidarity with Ukraine. And Slovakia is part of that,” she stressed.

According to the president, strong Russian propaganda is working not only in Ukraine but also in Slovakia and other countries. She reported that security services are closely monitoring the actions of individual parties. “You’ll be misinformed by various false information, especially on social networks. You need to be careful about the sources from which you draw information because spreading lies is no longer just an innocent game or a mistake. It is a targeted and intense attempt to destabilise our country. Because the more divided we are inside, the weaker we’ll be outside,” she warned.