Sakova: I'm Shocked to Learn a Criminal Group Operated at My Ministry

Sakova: I'm Shocked to Learn a Criminal Group Operated at My Ministry

Bratislava, August 13 (TASR) – Ex-interior minister and MP Denisa Sakova (independent) is shocked by the police findings that an organised criminal group operated at the Interior Ministry during her tenure in 2018-20, TASR learnt on Friday.

Sakova is also surprised that cooperating defendant Peter “Tiger” T. [name abbreviated due to legal reasons] was supposedly part of the group.

Sakova pointed out that Peter P. was apprehended by the Internal Affairs Inspectorate (UIS), but the operation was interrupted by Police Corps President Peter Kovarik and Peter P. subsequently escaped. He was arrested again on Thursday (August 12) by the National Criminal Agency (NAKA).

“Based on that, I’m convinced that this is a dishonest political game with two goals. First is to prevent Peter P. from delivering his testimony to the Internal Affairs investigators and the second is to exert pressure on me and Voice-SD party to make us stop informing the Slovak public about the misuse of cooperative defendants in criminal cases,” claimed Sakova.

The ex-minister underlined that she has never met anyone who is reported by the media as indicted in the scandals. “I’ve never signed any contracts or documents that would introduce financial commitments towards such firms. In addition, I’ve never accepted any financial or non-financial benefits from these people or firms,” she added.

In a crackdown conducted on Thursday, NAKA indicted 11 individuals, including Peter P., with various criminal activities.