SHMU: Night from Thursday to Friday Hottest on Record

SHMU: Night from Thursday to Friday Hottest on Record

Bratislava, July 11 (TASR) – The night from Thursday, July 8, to Friday, July 9, was one of the hottest in the history of meteorological measurements in Slovakia, the Slovak Hydrometeorological Office (SHMU) reported on Sunday.

According to readings from an automated meteorological station in the village of Kamanova (Nitra region), the air temperature between sunset and sunrise didn’t drop below 25.9 degrees of Celsius.

“The temperature of at least 20 degrees Celsius, designated as a so-called tropical night, was recorded that night by the significant majority of stations located across the entire Slovakia, even in such places as Kremnicke Bane (the elevation of 750 metres above sea level) or even Liptovsky Mikulas [a town in mountainous terrain-ed.note],” reads the text.

On Thursday, the meteorologists recorded 39 degrees Celsius in the district of Nove Zamky (Nitra region), with at least 37 degrees Celsius reported by stations in Slovensky Grob, Bratislava-Airport, Kralova pri Senci, Topolcany, Nitra-Janikovce, Mochovce, Hurbanovo and other locations.

Thursday was also the hottest July day in the town of Hurbanovo (Nitra region) in the entire history of measurements going back 150 years.