Slovak Health Ministry Outlines 11 Phases for COVID Vaccination

Slovak Health Ministry Outlines 11 Phases for COVID Vaccination

Bratislava, January 20 (TASR) – Vaccination against coronavirus will be performed in eleven phases in Slovakia, with priority being given to the frail and elderly, according to a Health Ministry decree released on Wednesday.

At least 28 days will have to pass between individual shots. It will be necessary to apply for vaccination via a central system on the website.

The first phase of vaccination will concern health-care professionals, students of medical and other health-care specialisations who are in actual contact with COVID patients, care-home staff, social workers in the field, hospital staff, paramedics, members of the cloth serving COVID patients and coronavirus-testing staff.

If not all those who’ve applied appear for vaccination on a given date, the remaining jabs could be given to people aged at least 65 who are being provided with health care in the same facility or to a sick person in particular risk of falling seriously ill due to coronavirus, regardless of their age.

The second phase will be open to people aged 85 and over, the third to those over 75 and the fourth to people older than 65. All these applicants will need to register online.

The fifth phase will include people in high risk of serious health problems due to COVID-19, regardless of their age, such as those receiving treatment for cancer, those who’ve had severe pneumonia at least twice, extremely obese people, those with chronic kidney and heart failure, and those suffering from AIDS and from serious infectious diseases.

The sixth phase will concern people in long-term cancer remission, obese people, and those suffering from medium-level mental illnesses and medium-level immunity disorders.

In the seventh phase, teachers aged at least 55 will be given jabs, before other people in the same age group are allowed to receive them during the eighth phase. The ninth phase is reserved for teachers, the tenth for people aged at least 45 and the eleventh for people older than 18.