Smer-SD: Pellegrini Making Efforts to Prevent Stable Social Democratic Gov't

Smer-SD: Pellegrini Making Efforts to Prevent Stable Social Democratic Gov't
MP Robert Fico in Parliament on June 13, 2023 (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, June 13 (TASR) - Voice-SD chairman Peter Pellegrini is making every effort to prevent the formation of a stable social democratic government, which can only be created by post-election cooperation between the Smer-SD and Voice-SD parties, Smer-SD presidium said on Tuesday.
       It considers Voice-SD to be a party whose values are close to Smer-SD's but rejects its accusations without evidence that Smer-SD is a party approaching extremism and deviating from the framework of social democracy. The presidium said this in response to Pellegrini's statements, which, according to the party, were allegedly said at the congress on Saturday (June 10).
       "The Smer-SSD presidium takes note that on Saturday, June 10, Voice-SD chairman Peter Pellegrini identified our party as an opponent that must be defeated," said Smer-SD. It further refuses to respond to Pellegrini's statements.
       Smer-SD acknowledges that the conservative KDH is the most acceptable party for post-election cooperation for Voice-SD and that it has no fundamental reservations about SaS and 'We Are Family' which are responsible for the "catastrophic state of Slovakia after three years of rule". It also takes note that Voice-SD has no reservations about Progressive Slovakia, which, according to Smer-SD, represents a direct threat to Slovakia's national-state interests. "It didn't identify any of these parties as an adversary that must be defeated," the party said in a statement.