SNS: CoFoE Purpose-built Conference and Trap for Less Powerful EU Countries

SNS: CoFoE Purpose-built Conference and Trap for Less Powerful EU Countries

Bratislava, June 7 (TASR) – The extra-parliamentary Slovak National Party (SNS) has told TASR that it considers the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) to be purpose-built and a trap for smaller EU-member countries.

Thanks to the CoFoE, EU citizens had an opportunity to have their say on how the Union should work and to propose changes. In the end, the CoFoE plenary adopted 49 proposals covering more than 300 measures to achieve them, under nine broad thematic areas. These proposals will be considered by the European Parliament, national governments and the European Commission.

According to SNS, the only purpose of such conferences is to justify the abolition of the right of veto in talks among individual states. “We consider these to be purpose-built conferences that only serve the interests of powerful states and are a trap for smaller states to have the right of veto abolished,” claimed SNS.

The party is of the opinion that Germany, France and the Benelux countries have issues with the right of veto when it comes to pushing through their interests.

“Today, Hungary, for instance, is exercising its right of veto on restricting oil supplies to European countries. Western countries are doing everything they can to change the conditions and rules in the negotiations of the European Commission or other European Union institutions. It’s important that the right of veto is strategically preserved, especially in areas that have not been ceded to the European Union by individual states,” said SNS.