Sweden's Jonas Eriksson Becomes New EANA Chief

Sweden's Jonas Eriksson Becomes New EANA Chief

Bratislava, September 23 (TASR) – Executive director and editor-in-chief of Swedish press agency TT Jonas Eriksson has become the new President of the European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA) in line with a decision made by the EANA General Assembly in Bratislava on Friday.

Eriksson will replace executive director of British agency PA Clive Marshall in the post of EANA leader. “It’s a big honour and, at the same time, a big challenge for me to head an association of 42 renowned agencies that work in various environments but have one thing in common – their target is to produce top-level and objective news services,” Eriksson told TASR.

Eriksson named one of his biggest tasks as creating the widest possible platform within which EANA members can head towards their common targets. “Cooperation can always be more effective and stronger and, therefore, it’s a challenge also for me to find new opportunities for cooperation,” said Eriksson.

The General Assembly formed part of a three-day (September 21-23) EANA conference that was being held in Slovakia for the first time ever. Over 30 representatives of renowned agencies, including Great Britain’s PA, France’s AFP and Germany’s DPA accepted TASR’s invitation to take part. “I’m glad that we had an opportunity to host such a significant meeting of media leaders here in Bratislava,” stated TASR general director Jaroslav Reznik.

Reznik praised the fact that the conference has become a venue for mutual inspiration that provides the participants with the opportunity to make further qualitative headway in the news services that they provide. “As the development of agency services in a way that would strengthen their independence was high on the agenda of the conference, I’m positive that the exchanges of information and experience concerning this issue will be instrumental in the never-ending process of defending independent agency news services,” said Reznik.

Among the guests at the Bratislava conference was Facebook Head of Media Partnerships EMEA Nick Wrenn. Germany’s DPA was awarded the EANA prize during the event.

EANA is a professional organisation of European news agencies based in Geneva, Switzerland. It was established in 1956 and is an association of the dominant agencies from individual countries, but with only one agency from each state.