TASR News Agency Introduces Innovative News Bulletins

TASR News Agency Introduces Innovative News Bulletins

Bratislava, May 21 (TASR) – Modern visuals, functional improvements and more detailed coverage of relevant news are the main attributes of new bulletins produced by the News Agency of the Slovak Republic (TASR).

The innovative products will provide added value to current clients, and the agency also sees the potential of an effective tool for acquiring new clients. “We’re still improving not only the content of our news, but also the way in which it is delivered to our clients. We publish bulletins both in Slovak and in English on a daily basis. The most popular one is our Daily News Monitor, whose subscribers include almost all the embassies operating in Slovakia, as well as foreign investors. The new bulletins will provide both current and future customers with increased user comfort and expanded information value,” said TASR general director Vladimir Puchala.

Until now the agency’s bulletins have been comprised of news issued in respective news categories. The new approach involves selecting news across the whole news service based on keywords, thanks to which the final bulletin will contain all relevant agency outputs. In addition to a standard portfolio of bulletins, the agency is now offering the option of tailor-made bulletins according to client requirements.

“Bulletins have undergone a complete modernisation in terms of production and distribution. Clients are accustomed to similar products having an active content, lists of keywords contained in the given output, highlighted keywords in the text and the delivery of data always at the same, exactly set time. They can find all these elements in our bulletins, and so I believe that we’ll manage to significantly expand our client base for this product,” said TASR’s trade and marketing director Rastislav Borsik.

TASR publishes Daily News Monitor, Slovak Weekly News and Economy and Business bulletins in English.