Teacher Maria Sofranko to Lead OLaNO to 2020 General Election

Teacher Maria Sofranko to Lead OLaNO to 2020 General Election

Bratislava, December 3 (TASR) – Teacher Maria Sofranko will lead the opposition OLaNO party’s slate for the 2020 general election, OLaNO chairman Igor Matovic told a news conference on Tuesday.

OLaNO’s defence expert Jaroslav Nad will be number two on the slate, while former police investigator Lukas Kyselica will be number three. Matovic himself will run from the last (150th) spot.

“I am not a politician, I am an ordinary woman from the east who wants to do more for our country,” said Sofranko, adding she knows what she wants to do in politics. Matovic noted that OLaNO has always been giving space in politics to unknown people.

Former chief of the Gorilla investigation team Kyselica said he wants laws to be correctly set also in the field of the fight against crime, especially economic crime. “There must be somebody who wants to defend law-enforcement authorities,” he added.

Christian Union chair Anna Zaborska is running from the fourth position, MEP candidate Michal Sipos from the fifth and tennis player Karol Kucera from the sixth spot. Following places in the slate’s top ten are occupied by former moderator Jozef Procko, forester and environmentalist Jan Micovsky, murdered Robert Remias’ mother Anna Remiasova and former television editor Kristian Cekovsky.

The general election in Slovakia is slated for February 29, 2020. The election campaign has already started. Political parties had until December 1, 2019 to submit their slates.