Two Candidates Running for Post of Supreme Court Chair

Two Candidates Running for Post of Supreme Court Chair

Bratislava, January 9 (TASR) – Two candidates, Jana Bajankova and Sona Mesiarkinova, are running for the post of Supreme Court chair, TASR was told by Judicial Council spokesperson Veronika Muller on Thursday.

The election will take place at an extraordinary session of the Judicial Council on Monday, January 27. In line with a legislative change in December, this vote will be public.

“Since several entities agreed on the name of the proposed candidate, based on these proposals two candidates will be presented in the forthcoming election of the Supreme Court chair,” said Judicial Council chairwoman Lenka Prazenkova, who was directly delivered the names of the proposed candidates. Both candidates had already fought for the post in the first election in September 2019.

The results of the election will be announced at a session of the Judicial Council. To win the vote, a candidate must succeed in obtaining the votes of at least ten members of the Judicial Council. Subsequently, the Judicial Council will propose to the Slovak president the appointment of the successful candidate, said Muller.

Since July last year, six candidates – Jana Bajankova, Stefan Harabin, Ivetta Macejkova, Sona Mesiarkinova, Jan Sikuta and Alena Siskova – have tried to fight for the post. However, neither of them has obtained at least ten votes in a secret ballot among all the members of the Judicial Council.