UVZ: People in Quarantine Need Valid Reason to Leave Home

UVZ: People in Quarantine Need Valid Reason to Leave Home

Bratislava, August 27 (TASR) – People who are ordered to observe home isolation mustn’t leave their place of residence during the quarantine period, the Public Health Office (UVZ) has posted on a social network.

In the case of those living in flats, it is possible to go outside in order to take out rubbish or walk a dog, for example. In the case of house dwellers, remaining in the garden is okay, wrote UVZ.

“People need to have a valid reason to leave an apartment building, as it’s difficult to prove that it was necessary to leave the place of isolation if they are reported as quarantine breakers,” explained UVZ, stressing the need to cover airways, to maintain social distancing and to disinfect hands before leaving the flat.

Those in home quarantine are also allowed to visit a sample facility. UVZ recommends that they should use their own cars in such a case. If they are driven by someone else, the isolated person should sit in the back seat with a window at least partly open. “If the situation allows, isolated people can walk to a sample facility; naturally, observing hygiene measures, such as wearing a face mask, observing social distancing with unknown people and disinfecting their hands before leaving the flat/house,” stated UVZ.

UVZ also stresses that each family member should have their own towel, cutlery, plate and glass. People who have returned from abroad should ideally have their own room and limit their contact with other family members. Visits are not permitted and should also be limited if shopping is delivered. It’s better to leave shopping outside the front door.

Those in home quarantine shouldn’t neglect basic preventive measures against coronavirus. These include thoroughly washing and disinfecting hands and surfaces and frequently ventilating and disinfecting rooms. Disposable paper and wet wipes should be used.