Vladimir Meciar Angling for Political Comeback

Vladimir Meciar Angling for Political Comeback

Bratislava, August 2 (TASR) – Former three-time premier Vladimir Meciar is busy preparing a new party to join political arena, pluska website reported on Friday.

In an interview given to www.pluska.sk, Meciar, 77, claimed that the “party will be new and interesting also programme-wise, but most importantly different from all the other parties”.
“A party that could say that it puts Slovakia first is currently lacking today,” stated Meciar. He added that he won’t be founding a completely new party, however. “The party already exists. It will change statutes and name within a week.”

Meciar averred that his comeback in politics is far from guaranteed and he’s only helping to lay the groundwork for the party at the moment. “Maybe this will end up with me running in the 150th spot on the slate, maybe in the first or second place and maybe I won’t be there at all.”

The former premier claimed that the party already boasts enough leaders, all of whom are household names.

Meciar didn’t rule out that one of the leaders could be ex-justice minister and judge Stefan Harabin. He claimed that he doesn’t meet with Harabin, though. “Personal contact is senseless and, at any rate, it would make everyone suspicious. But when the right time comes, we’ll be standing side by side.”