Wiezik: EU Citizens Want More Democracy and Stronger European Parliament

Wiezik: EU Citizens Want More Democracy and Stronger European Parliament

Brussels, May 27 (TASR) – European Union (EU) citizens have long been calling for more democracy and for a strengthening of the European Parliament as an institution that represents them, Slovak MEP Michal Wiezik has told TASR in an interview.

Wiezik stated that such “very clear” demands were also presented by citizens of EU-member states during the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE). He noted that although the EP is the political institution with the strongest mandate, it is at the same time the only institution that doesn’t have a real right to draft laws.

“Thanks to a strengthening of its powers, the European Parliament would reach the level of national parliaments in European issues,” added the MEP.

Wiezik also believes that some of the ‘green’ recommendations will be implemented, such as stepping up nature and biodiversity protection, accelerating the green transformation and promoting a sustainable way of life.

“I’m pleased that EU citizens concur that the Union should be strong, green, stable and a model for the whole world,” he said. Environmental and climate change issues were identified by the conference participants as among the biggest current challenges and priorities of the EU, he added.

The MEP noted that the CoFoE Plenary in April adopted 49 proposals covering more than 300 measures in nine broad thematic areas. The European Parliament, governments of member states and the European Commission are now dealing with the proposals.

According to Wiezik, some of the proposals can be adopted immediately, while work on others is gradually being launched. The third group is made up of proposals that require wider discussion and consensus. “I view a clear contribution by the CoFoE in the fact that the EU thanks to it has shown that Brussels isn’t some remote place deciding about their lives without their involvement,” he said.