Zala: Cameron Has Bothered Us for Three and a Half Years

Zala: Cameron Has Bothered Us for Three and a Half Years

Bratislava, June 27 (TASR) – British Prime Minister David Cameron has been playing games with the EU for more than three years, said Slovak MEP Boris Zala (Smer-SD) in Bratislava on Monday.

Talking at the ‘On the Threshold of the Slovak Presidency: What Will Be the Role of the Slovak Parliament and European Parliament?’ conference, Zala said:
“Cameron has been getting on our nerves for three and a half years. He has been blackmailing us all day long. He’s adopted a type of policy by which he played a game that couldn’t have been handled either in the EU or in Britain.”

The agreement that Cameron – who won a majority in the House of Commons in last year’s election based on the promise of the Brexit referendum – had negotiated in February for his country in Brussels wasn’t met with enthusiasm by the British, according to Zala. Moreover, he obviously hadn’t prepared a sufficiently positive agenda that would have convinced people to stay.

The Smer-SD MEP sees the problem also in the fact that the British don’t understand the notion of EU citizenship or shared sovereignty. He also thinks that the outcome of the referendum represents a great opportunity for Scotland to demand a new independence referendum – following that of September 2014.

According to MEP Branislav Skripek (OLaNO), his British colleagues have described the referendum as a most painful period.

“I’m surprised about the sharp language of the EU representatives that the “leave” should by done immediately without much waiting. I think that it’s not a nice attitude and they shouldn’t act like that,” said Skripek. He added that during the Brexit process the EU should keep the best possible relations with Britain.

The OLaNO MEP thinks that Slovakia should be conciliatory to the British, and with such an attitude Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico (Smer-SD) should leave for a summit in Brussels on Tuesday (June 28).