Curfew Takes Effect in Slovakia as of Saturday

Curfew Takes Effect in Slovakia as of Saturday

Bratislava, December 19 (TASR) – In line with the government resolution, a curfew came into force in Slovakia as of Saturday.

There are some exemptions from the curfew, however. Travel isn’t restricted, but the Government is urging people to consider it carefully.

Members of a maximum of two households can meet during the curfew. At the beginning of the curfew each household should choose another one to create the so-called buble with and these should meet no other households.

Other exemptions to the curfew include journeys to work, to procure essential goods (such as food, medicaments, medical aids, drugstore goods and animal feed), to purchase fuel and newspaper, to visit the closest post office, insurance company, bank and a bike service shop and to visit a point of sale for online and other shops.

The exemption applies to journeys to healthcare facilities, pharmacies and testing for coronavirus. It also applies to individual sports and outdoor activities. Ski resorts can be open during the curfew.

Religious services are exempted from the curfew as well. It’s up individual regional hygienists to determine whether churches can be open in their regions and how many people can attend services.

The exemptions also apply to journeys to baptism, marriage, and funeral, to take care of a close person, to buy a Christmas tree and fish and to visit relatives in care homes.