Commuters Need Test Results and Registration to Enter Austria

illustration picture (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, February 10 (TASR) – Cross-border commuters heading for Austria are obliged to present a certificate proving that they’ve tested negative for coronavirus as of Wednesday, reads information published by the Slovak Foreign Affairs Ministry on its website.

Although it doesn’t matter whether commuters have been tested with an antigen or PCR test, the test result certificate mustn’t be older than seven days. At the same time, commuters have to fill in an online form at least once a week.

Cross-border commuters are exempted from quarantine upon entering the country, however. Other travellers heading for Austria also have to present a negative test result and fill in an online form, but they have to spend ten days in isolation after arriving in the country. People who don’t have a certificate can have themselves tested in Austria within 24 hours of entering. Travellers can subsequently ‘bail’ themselves out of quarantine by having themselves tested once again, but this can take place only as of the fifth day of quarantine.

As for exemptions from the obligation to fill in the online form, these concern those who only pass through Austria. The same applies to those who have to travel to Austria for special and family reasons.