Krajci Doesn’t Rule Out Closure of Borders with Ukraine

Health Minister Marek Krajci (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, September 4 (TASR) – The list of red countries is not changing at the moment, but the closure of the border with Ukraine is being considered with regard to the epidemiological situation in that country, as well as in eastern Slovakia, Health Minister Marek Krajci (OLaNO) said following the meeting of the Government’s Pandemic Commission on Friday.

“As far as Ukraine is concerned, a complete closure of the border with the country is at stake, as the situation in eastern Slovakia, chiefly in the district of Michalovce, is serious,” said the minister.

According to Krajci, the list of red countries won’t change for now. “Concerning individual regions, however, the Austrian capital Vienna is a high-risk region, as well as the Czech capital Prague,” said Krajci, adding that the situation in the Czech Republic is getting worse. He expects the situation in Italy’s Sardinia to worsen as well. Conversely, the situation in Poland has improved with the Slovak-Polish border area remaining the most risky region.

Epidemiologists are also revising the situation in case of Sweden and Bulgaria. “It’s likely that if the situation there does not worsen over the last week, we will re-evaluate Bulgaria and Sweden and they might get, also with regard to the epidemiological situation in our country, places among the so-called green countries,” stated Krajci.