Good Choice Holds Congress, Wants to Stay Stand-alone Party

Good Choice Holds Congress, Wants to Stay Stand-alone Party

Bratislava, August 22 (TASR) – Former health and interior minister Tomas Drucker’s party Good Choice, which failed to make it into Parliament as a newcomer in the February general election, will maintain its status of a stand-alone party, concurred delegates of its congress on Saturday.

Good Choice wants to be a “comprehensible alternative” to incompetence and the rule of a narrow group of politicians and businessmen overgrown with corruption, it was stated at the congress.

According to Drucker, the party could capitalise on its authenticity. “We’re a party with balanced conservative values and a party that wants to support development of the individual, but also to build a dignified and fair social society,” said Drucker, adding that Good Choice is ready to cooperate with like-minded parties.

“It still holds that we won’t cooperate with the People’s Party Our Slovakia and Smer-SD,” said Drucker.

Good Choice in the February general election received 3 percent of the votes, while at least 5 percent were needed to go through.

Former prime minister Peter Pellegrini, who recently left Smer-SD along with some other prominent figures to set up a party called Voice-Social Democracy, has indicated that he’d be willing to cooperate with Good Choice.