Milanova: Slovak Music Quotas for Commercial Radios Will Be Preserved

Milanova: Slovak Music Quotas for Commercial Radios Will Be Preserved

Bratislava, October 15 (TASR) – Culture Minister Natalia Milanova (OLaNO) announced on Friday that mandatory Slovak music quotas for commercial radios won’t be scrapped.

Milanova reacted in this way to her party boss and Finance Minister Igor Matovic, who’s asked her to withdraw a Culture Ministry-sponsored bill aiming to abolish the quotas.

“Even though I personally agree with the Culture Ministry’s expert opinion, when it came to the issue [of quotas for commercial radios], we’ve come to a political decision to preserve the quotas and the ministry will adjust the bill accordingly,” claimed Milanova.

The culture minister remarked that she informed Matovic about the risks that stem from the quotas, pointing to the European Commission’s opinions on the matter. “On the other hand, I completely understand the opposing side’s arguments,” she remarked.

Matovic stated earlier in the day that he doesn’t agree with the quotas being scrapped, arguing that, in spite of initial criticism from concerned parties, they have stood the test of time and that this form of support for Slovak artists by the state is justified.

Artists, musicians and publicists have lodged a mass objection against the bill, which has been submitted for comments proceedings, and also a petition to support their initiative.

The artists claimed that since their introduction in April 2016, the quotas have helped nurture the domestic musical scene and production, arguing that a similar or even greater support for domestic music can be seen in a number of European countries and the fact that it is justified was recognised also by the Constitutional Court.

In line with the quotas, 25 percent of a commercial radio’s playlist between 6 a.m. and 12 a.m. has to consist of Slovak songs.