Most-Hid's Offer of Joint Slate to 'Good Choice' Shot Down

Most-Hid's Offer of Joint Slate to 'Good Choice' Shot Down

Bratislava, November 12 (TASR) – Coalition’s Most-Hid offered election co-operation to non-parliamentary Good Choice party – namely, contesting the 2020 election on a joint slate under a single party name, with Most-Hid offering to rebrand itself, sources in Most-Hid confirmed to TASR on Tuesday.

Good Choice turned down the proposal, however, although it declared that it’s not opposed to post-election co-operation, Good Choice chair Tomas Drucker told TASR.

Founded recently by ex-health minister [2016-18] Drucker, Good Choice was joined by several formerly Most-Hid caucus members, such as Martin Fedor, Katarina Csefalvayova and Peter Kresak.

“No talks are currently ongoing with Most-Hid party. At its inaugural congress in late October, Good Choice approved its programme and leaders, with which it will vie for the trust of people in the upcoming parliamentary race,” said Drucker.

Drucker emphasised that his party stands ready to collaborate with any political party that garners confidence in the election and doesn’t promote ideas that violate human dignity or basic rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Slovak Constitution. “In addition, Good Choice will never find any overlap with parties that pursue the departure of Slovakia from EU,” he added.