Caputova at V4 Summit: We’re Facing Many Crises, We Need to Unite

Budapest, November 29 (TASR) - The world is facing many crises, the world is changing, and the challenges that are increasing are more numerous...

Judicial Council Chair Mazak and PG Zilinka Don’t Agree on Use of Paragraph 363

Bratislava, November 29 (TASR) - Judicial Council Chair Jan Mazak and Prosecutor-General (PG) Maros Zilinka have differing views on the use of paragraph 363...

Bielecki: CoFoE Can Surpass Expectations If It Considers Challenges for EU

Brussels, November 29 (TASR-correspondent) - The Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) could deliver results that go far beyond its stated objectives, according...

Coronavirus Increases Excess Mortality among Slovaks in October Again

Bratislava, November 29 (TASR) - As the fourth most common cause of death in Slovakia, novel coronavirus again increased excess mortality in the country in October, the Statistics Office reported on Monday.

UVZ Anti-Omicron Decree: Mandatory Quarantine for Returnees from Africa

Bratislava, November 29 (TASR) - Mandatory quarantine will be in place as of Wednesday, December 1 for all individuals who have returned from South...

Sermek: CoFoE Idea Attributed to Macron, But It’s Not New

Bratislava, November 29 (TASR) - French President Emmanuel Macron was among the first to propose the idea of holding a Conference on the Future...

Former Presidents Urge People to Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19

Bratislava, November 28 (TASR) - Former presidents of Slovakia call upon the people to get vaccinated, as the innoculation is the best way to fight COVID-19 pandemic, reads a statement signed by formers presidents Rudolf Schuster (1999-2004), Ivan Gasparovic (2004-14) and Andrej Kiska (2014-19).

Matovic Proposes Providing €500 mil to Facilities Hit Hardest by Coronavirus

Bratislava, November 26 (TASR) - Finance Minister Igor Matovic (OLaNO) has proposed the provision of €500 million to facilities that have suffered most in...

CoFoE: All EU Citizens Have Opportunity to Join Discussion, Says Sermek

Bratislava, November 26 (TASR) - The Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) is a platform that enables all Europeans to take part in the discussion on the future direction of the European community, Robert Sermek, the head of the European Parliament's Office in Slovakia, has told TASR in an interview.

OTS: Biggest Event of Autonomous Vehicles in the CEE

Autonomous Vehicles Summit 09.-10.12.2021