PM: Home Quarantine Launched for Android Phones and via Berg for Now

PM: Home Quarantine Launched for Android Phones and via Berg for Now

Bratislava, May 23 (TASR) – Home quarantine has been launched, but only for smartphones running on the Android operational system for now, Prime Minister Igor Matovic (OLaNO) posted on a social network on Saturday.

“People can’t wait any longer, so we won’t wait any longer and launch home quarantine even before getting approvals from Apple and Google,” wrote Matovic. The prime minister noted that the app is only available for smartphones using the Android operational system and those seeking home quarantine can only use the Berg border crossing for now. “The police will inform people about gradual addition of other border crossings,” stated Matovic.

The home quarantine terms remain the same. Those seeking home quarantine will only have to sign one more declaration. By signing this declaration they will take a due note of the fact that the application hasn’t yet been authorised by Apple and Google and that they are taking over this risk.

Meanwhile, the prime minister announced that the same option will apply to all those who are momentarily quarantined in state facilities as of Sunday (May 24).

The smart quarantine app was originally expected to be launched as of Friday (May 22) when a high number of Slovaks seeking repatriation arrived to the Jarovce-Kittsee border crossing. Some of them were blocking traffic, causing thus delays on the state border with Austria.

The basic conditions for undergoing quarantine in home isolation include a smartphone equipped with a camera and positioning, non-stop wifi connection or sufficient mobile data and a strong enough mobile signal at the place of isolation.