Brecely Sacks NDS Director Gajdos: “He’s Lost My Trust”

Siet's Transport Minister Roman Brecely at the NDS headquarters. (Photo by TASR)

Bratislava, April 8 (TASR) – New Transport, Construction and Regional Development Minister Roman Brecely (Siet/Network) on Friday dismissed National Highway Company (NDS) director Milan Gajdos over a contract for construction of the Blatne (Bratislava region) D1 motorway intersection worth €23.3 million.

“The NDS director has lost my personal trust. Any state contracts signed shortly before or after election rightfully result in a lack of trust. The signing of this contract one day after I assumed the office of minister, without reporting this to me in any way, is unacceptable for me in managerial and human terms,” said Brecely.

Meanwhile, economist Robert Auxt (18th on Siet’s slate in the general election) has been commissioned to direct NDS on an interim basis until a more permanent director is found in a selection process.