Droba Considering Running for Post of BSK Governor, But Svejna Isn’t

Bratislava Self-governing Region's coat-of-arms (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, July 20 (TASR) – Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) MP Juraj Droba is pondering running in the 2017 regional elections for the post of Bratislava Self-governing Region (BSK) governor, TASR learnt on Wednesday.

Droba said that he’ll decide by the end of this year. If he chooses to run, he’ll probably get the support of his Opposition SaS party as well as Ordinary People-NOVA, which on Tuesday announced their intention to take part in the elections jointly. Other centre-right parties such as the Civic Conservative Party (OKS) and the Hungarian Community Party (SMK) could sign up for cooperation as well.

Labour, Social Affairs and the Family Ministry State Secretary Ivan Svejna (Most-Hid) has rejected information about his plan to stand in the elections. “My political priority is to push through changes to the pensions system,” stressed Svejna, adding that until this has been achieved, he won’t consider any other form of political career. However, he hasn’t ruled out any possible involvement in regional politics in the future.

Another name often mentioned with respect to the election of the BSK governor is We Are Family party leader Boris Kollar. Kollar has neither ruled out nor confirmed his candidacy. Former We Are Family MP Martina Simkovicova, now an Independent, has also been mentioned in the media as a possible candidate with the support of the far-right Kotleba-People’s Party Our Slovakia (LSNS). However, she’s rejected all such speculation.

It still isn’t clear whether former Bratislava mayor Milan Ftacnik will run or not. “If I run, I’ll do so as an independent candidate,” Ftacnik told TASR.

Current BSK governor Pavol Freso [who stepped down as SDKU-DS party leader on July 2 – ed. note] was very vague about running in the election again. “Even after we complete all projects for our region, there will still be plenty of work to do in order to make Bratislava look like Helsinki and the whole region like the Vienna suburbs,” he said.

The only official candidate so far is Bratislava city councillor and Jarovce borough deputy mayor Jozef Uhler.