Fico: Coalition Going Strong, Talk of Early Election Without Merit

Prime Minister Robert Fico, appearing at a press conference along with Andrej Danko and Bela Bugar. (Photo by TASR)

Bratislava, January 12 (TASR) – The governing coalition continues to work well and is stable, hence there’s no reason for an early election, Prime Minister and Smer-SD party chairman Robert Fico told a press conference on Thursday.

“We trust and respect each other, and we’re ready to work hard together. We’re a bunch that stands by its word,” said the premier.

The coalition he leads has committed to maintain stability and, through measures to benefit people, ‘erect a dam’ against extremism, he said. “The talk of an early election has no merit. It’s an artificial bubble some are trying to create,” said Fico, adding that it’s the Opposition parties who are behind the idea of an early general election.

“The talk of an early election comes from those who represent an alternative. It’s ‘nothingness’, it’s an alternative of chaos and hatred, they’re people who can’t agree on anything. By no means can this be an alternative to a stable governing coalition that emerged from a democratic parliamentary election,” said Fico. He added that his Government offers a sensible programme and concrete results to counter extremists, lunatics and semi-lunatics in politics.

The premier went on to touch on a number of priorities and measures that are in the works. In regard to the security situation, it’s time for the possibility of a joint European armed forces to be considered, he asserted, adding that both the capacity for action from Slovakia’s armed forces and the conditions in which the Police Corps operate must be enhanced. “Slovakia must be able to protect its borders and guarantee the safety of people in their homes,” said Fico.

Fellow coalition Slovak National Party (SNS) leader and Parliamentary Chairman Andrej Danko weighed in by saying that “these three parties have managed to form a government that Slovakia needn’t be ashamed of,” he said, partly referring to the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The coalition seeks to further enhance the state’s social dimension and pay heed to people’s woes.

“This government is stable, talks in Parliament are smooth, because everything is discussed at Government level beforehand. Most importantly, we don’t place a burden on people with conspiracies, but instead we are sensitive to people’s right for a better life, and we seek to work in favour of it,” said Danko.

Most-Hid party leader Bela Bugar brought attention to the priorities of his party, notably the rule of law, regional development, minority rights and civil society. He also announced a plan to approve a so-called ‘anti-corruption clause’ to laws “so as to reduce the scope for corruption”.

Bugar went on to list penalties for internet crimes, as well as, among other priorities, healthier living in regions and environmental protection. He recognised the fact that the parties in the coalition stick to agreements. “Whatever we agree on comes to pass in Parliament, and this is what matters the most to us,” he added.