Fico Points to Embezzlement in Company Associated with Justice Minister

Justice Minister Maria Kolikova (left), sitting next to For the People MP Andrea Letanovska. Former prime minister Robert Fico at the parliamentary lectern. (Photo by TASR)

Bratislava, April 20 (TASR) – The managing director of a family firm associated with Justice Minister Maria Kolikova (For the People) was sentenced by a Bratislava court for embezzling more than €15,000 in 2019, said opposition Smer-SD head Robert Fico on Tuesday.

“We have a justice minister, whose company has robbed owners of ordinary flats in Most pri Bratislave,” said Fico, explaining that the company is involved in facility services.
Kolikova reacted by stating that she inherited a stake in the company after her father’s death.

“My stepsister remained its managing director. It’s something new for me to hear that she committed a crime, and I’m really sorry about that,” said Kolikova, adding that Fico’s accusations were purpose-built, and she can’t be held accountable for the actions of her stepsister.