Fico: Slovakia Ascendant on Corruption Index, But We’re Not Happy Yet

Prime Minister Robert Fico (TASR archive)

Bratislava, January 27 (TASR) – Although Slovakia has seen improvement in its ranking of the corruption chart, the Government is far from satisfied because what’s important is to respond to sentiments and needs of people, Prime Minister Robert Fico said at a press briefing on Wednesday.

Fico spoke in response to the recently released 2016 Corruption Perception Index, drafted by the Transparency International (TI).
On the chart, Slovakia together with Hungary and Croatia took up the 50th place out of 168 countries on 51 points, amounting in case of Slovakia to a year-on-year growth by one point.
“New previously non-existent measures have been introduced. Let’s realise that we have restricted cash payments, which represents quite a significant measure in the fight against corruption. Furthermore, the electronic marketplace got off to a good start,” said the Prime Minister, who nonetheless remains aware that these are not any quantum leaps forward but rather small steps.
Fico also pointed out that many supervisory bodies are under auspices of the opposition.
According to the corruption index, the least corrupt state in the world is Denmark, which garnered 91 out of 100 points, followed up by Finland (90 points) and Sweden (89 points). The Czech Republic ended up 37th on 56 points, two places and four points behind Slovenia.
Out of Visegrad Four members (V4: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia), the best ranking went to Poland, which wound up 30th on 62 points.