Jarjabek: We Will Not Escalate Tension by Reacting to Opposition Invectives

Smer-SD caucus vice-chair Dusan Jarjabek (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, March 26 (TASR) – The governing coalition is not joining the parliamentary discourse on the Government Manifesto, as it does not want to escalate tensions by reacting to the Opposition’s invectives, Smer-SD caucus vice-chair Dusan Jarjabek said on Monday, viewing insults by the Opposition as purpose-made and pointless.

“Everything is clear. We’ve said what we wanted to say on the discussion programmes, too. I have no reason to join the discourse, as it’s a discussion on a Government Manifesto that is the continuation of the previous government’s Manifesto,” stressed Jarjabek. Meanwhile, Jarjabek said he is bothered that some outdated things have remained in the copied Manifesto of Peter Pellegrini’s (Smer-SD) Government. However, he does not consider it a serious problem.
Co-governing Most-Hid leader Bela Bugar said in this connection that representatives of the governing coalition already defended the Government Manifesto two years ago and that the document submitted by Pellegrini is identical. “We said everything two years ago… Do you think we need to score any political points from this discussion? I personally don’t think so. We need to work and fulfil what we have written in the Manifesto,” stressed Bugar.
Opposition MPs have been for several hours explaining whey they do not trust the new Government of Peter Pellegrini. Coalition MPs have joined the discourse to the minimum extent, only through providing factual comments.