Kalinak: My Prosecution Is Political Process

Ex-interior Minister Robert Kalinak (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, May 13 (TASR) – Ex-interior minister Robert Kalinak, who was released from custody by the Supreme Court on Friday, stated on the same day that he views the criminal proceedings against him as a political process.

Following his release, Kalinak stressed that courts have only decided on whether or not he should be in custody so far; not on the merits of the prosecution itself. “It’s really all nonsense. We’ll comment on it as time goes on, when the criminal proceedings have moved forward. I can’t address what I have been charged with,” said Kalinak, adding that he considers it absurd to prosecute political representatives for describing their opponents as tax fraudsters.

Regarding his time in custody, Kalinak described the conduct of the detention facility and the Prison and Judicial Guard Corps as professional. He said that he can’t complain about the attitude of the law-enforcement authorities when he was being detained, either. According to him, charged individuals are being tortured by the Special Prosecutor’s Office and the National Crime Agency (NAKA) by being separated from their families and everyday lives. He declared his interest in participating in the main trial, stating that he has no reason to flee abroad.